About Philosophinity

My name is JP. I am the curator and author of this blog.

On this blog, you will find posts concerning issues and areas I enjoy thinking and learning about. They include,

  • Philosophy (philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of science, philosophy of mind, metaphysics and philosophy of time and space, logic, epistemology, philosophy of history [e.g. historical materialism], history of philosophy)
  • Mathematics (mathematical logic, calculus, infinity, number theory, chaos theory, dynamical systems, algebraic geometry, non-Euclidean geometry and 4D time, complex analysis)
  • Economics (macroeconomics, complexity economics, monetary theory, economics of banking)
  • Political economy (growth and distribution, inequality, heterodox economics, Post-Keynesian economics, neo-chartalism, Modern Monetary Theory)
  • Science (complexity theory, cosmology, evolutionary biology, futurism and the future of humanity)
  • Literature (Romanticism, Victorian literature, modernism, post-modernism, thriller, adventure, detective, crime, mystery and spy genres)
  • History/politics (‘Big history’, sociology, critical theory, political science, education, democratic theory, social philosophy, law)

Underlined subjects denote those in which I have academic expertise.

Posts are created with a view to publishing weekly.


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